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is a company built on integrity and generations-old industry experience.

CERTIFIED FRESH’s focus is on quality assurance, giving our buyers a certified fresh product each and every order. Our growers have GlobalGap, SQF, Fresh Care or equivalent accreditation, and a representative from our team will endeavour to inspect each export consignment to ensure the buyers’ highest specifications are met. We use the services of Australia’s best freight logistics companies, customs clearance providers and other value-added service teams. Australia and New Zealand’s products are already required to meet strict standards of quality, safety, hygiene, processing, packaging and food handling. The result is world-class quality control and an exceptional end product. ­

CERTIFIED FRESH’s focus is to work closely with its supply chain and clients from around the globe to deliver quality, fresh produce that is picked to perfection each and every time.

CERTIFIED FRESH specialises in stone fruit, table grapes, cherries, apples and citrus. We continue to grow our categories and to expand our global knowledge. We are increasing our importation business, and have been working with companies overseas to ensure our buyers from all corners of the globe receive the fruit they want, at the price they want, without compromising on the quality of the end product.

CERTIFIED FRESH is the exclusive export agent (outside of Europe) for Cutri Fruit’s extensive selection of fresh stone fruit. For more information on Cutri Fruit please visit


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